LOVIN’ THE BLUES : Under the El tracks on 63rd Street in 1965

I’m pleased to see my short story “Underneath the El” in print at The Headlight Review, journal of Kennesaw State University. I’ve written other versions of this tale, but this is the most complete and satisfying to me.

It’s based on a real experience under the El tracks undertaken by myself and my old buddy Bill Wise. As teenagers in the 1960s we had become avid fans of the blues, and couldn’t get enough of the music, the musicians, the lore and legends. We shuffled through old 78s in the basements of record shops all over the south side. We weren’t legal to drink, but that didn’t keep us out of places like The Show, The Troft and the Black Marble Lounge.

What were we thinking? Ah, youth — we weren’t thinking at all! Just loving the excitement and adventure of Chicago and the blues.

July 23, 2020: Thanks to Wheaton Public Library for going ahead with their Local Author Fest, in a virtual fashion. It was a pleasure to connect to readers with this interview: WPLevent2020

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