Batavia Lyceum

A loungeful of locals and I enjoyed the fact-crammed presentation on Monday night, October 16 at the Batavia Lyceum at Bar Evolution on River Street. What an excellent opportunity to listen and learn, and have a drink too! A brainchild of bookstore owner James Joseph, the Lyceum offers a monthly forum for the exchange of ideas on diverse topics that touch our lives. This was the second presentation of the season.

Last night it was Batavia history teacher Scott Bayer, shocking the audience with the truth about corporate collusion with America’s enemies during WWII. Bayer supported his notes with a power point presentation and documented his lecture well. Based on the follow-up Q and A, many were amazed to realize the guilty mega-corporations such as Ford, IBM, and Chase Bank continue to thrive into the current day.

Bayer covered a lot of material in his allotted hour, but had no problem holding the attention of the audience. Here’s hoping this new local institution continues to grow. Prosit!

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Poetry of our Lives

April is National Poetry Month. As much as that sounds like just another Hallmark moment, we don’t have any problem using it for an excuse to promote poetry in general.
This year Naperville Writers Group is changing things up for their annual event. We are partnering up with Barnes & Noble in Naperville with hopes of sharing poetry with more of the general public.
Looking forward to seeing poets and poetry lovers at the event Sunday, April 8 from 1-3.