Hot Off the Presses! Mary Farmer’s “Pressed” a Cool Read

I was pleased to finally read straight through Mary Farmer’s new novel, Pressed. It’s been so much fun reading and critiquing the occasional chapter over the last year! As a member of a writing group (NWG), one can’t help but feel some of the glow of satisfaction Mary must bask in after the completion of her book. And maybe a touch of pride that “one of our own” achieved her goal. Okay, and maybe even a little misplaced sense of accomplishment at having helped in some small way for Pressed to be a better book. Wishing Mary much success. I know her readers will love Pressed. Here is the review I wrote for Amazon, which is where you can buy the book:

Pressed by Marilyn Farmer is a fun book that will keep you turning pages as you follow main character Tank Lismore from the printing house parking lot all the way to the swan pond at the public park. Along that journey you will cheer for the young man to finally take action in his life. You’ll want to see him gather up the courage to approach the object of his desire, the lovely Sloane, who graces the carpeted offices of company management. Tank meanwhile, dwells in the underworld of the printing presses where he is a capable worker. They will come together in the break room over a big diamond ring and a cell phone. Hilarity and danger ensue.

Tank Lismore is one of those characters you love to root for, in spite of his sometimes poor judgement, especially in matters of the heart. Much the same can be said about Sloane, who grows on us as we get to know her. Both of them are up against some of the more entertaining adversaries in contemporary fiction. Not the least of these is Tank’s ne’er-do-well cousin Riley, who swears he’s “got Tank’s back”,  but… well, you’ll find out. In addition to Riley, Tank faces savage bikers, bumbling goons and slick crooked lawyers – to say nothing of the police, including his own Uncle Al.

Farmer’s fast-paced tale has humor and pathos and plenty of suspense. Is it a romantic comedy or a crime thriller? I say yes! But you should judge for yourself.


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